About Kat

I’m Kat Jetson — a commission-based, stained glass mosaic artist creating one-of-a-kind works seeped in pop culture (and sometimes your pet). Occasionally, I’ll create limited edition enamel pins based off popular pieces, which are basically mini pieces of art and also very cool.

My artistic journey began after a trip to Barcelona in 2005. Seeing the colors of Antoni Gaudi splashed all over the city inspired me to take artistic action. Upon my return to the States, I enrolled in a number of stained glass and mosaic classes, but after working in each medium for a number of years felt constricted by the fragility of traditional stained glass, and disappointed by the rigidness of mosaics. It was then that I decided to take parts of what I love about each and create something unique. And I believe I’ve done that. Each Marvelous Mrs. Mosaic original consists of highly-detailed cuts of stained glass that are meticulously shaped to perfection, and then glued and grouted on wood. Creating this form of art has been a journey — one that is full of trial, error, expense, and above all joy. I love making these.

Keep it glassy,
Kat Jetson

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